That Rob VK


Oh that Rob VK!

I started coding when I was 9 years old and started my first dev job back in 2000. I tried uni but dropped out because I didn’t learn anything new and got bored.

I’ve done most of the tech jobs: dev, senior, tech lead, architect, data, infra (cloud and physical). I’ve also done project-, ops- and engineering management, scrum master, product owner. I love creative problem solving, no matter if it’s software, org structure, processes, etc.

Oh and I’m loud, enthusiastic, driven, and wear shirts that some (ok: most) would call awful. But other than that I’m generally pretty nice.

I speak for The Children’s Society and at tech events, study business & management at the Open University and I’m a Principal Consultant for an amazing company called Infinity Works, a job that allows me to do lots of fun and challenging tech and business stuff.

So where to next?

Today I Learned logo Today I Learned is my blog where I try to learn a bit about everything technology out there, from languages to build pipelines to integration patterns, you name it. One On One Sessions logo The 1-on-1 Sessions are the audiovisual side to Today I Learned - recorded remote pair programming sessions with experts where they teach me some of their wisdom. Twitter logo My Twitter has carefully curated messages that show me in the best light, cleverly disguised as my own random ramblings. The views are my own, most of the jokes aren't. LinkedIn logo My LinkedIn profile is the boring stuff like my CV. Like most, I mostly just share my company's posts. Message me here for work related stuff, speaking, etc.